Ya-howt: Indigenous Leaders for a Sustainable World engages a growing network of Native people in the Salish Sea area in interactive workshops and restoration ecology projects that explore and re-claim Traditional Ecological Knowledge while building leadership skills.

TEK developed over thousands of years blends with science and innovative technologies to chart a path towards intergenerational unity that honors interdependence and engages the talents of diverse and collective energies. The long term goal is to build leaders for eco-cultural projects and to catalyze environmental protection and sustainability in Indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest.

An important Yahowt activity: Cedar bark harvesting on Snoqualmie territory. Yahowt workshops consist of a featured sharing/learning activity, a shared meal, giveaway and reflective dialogue.

One of the greatest joys for NIF staff is being able to provide these events to our community FREE of charge! All supplies and a locally sourced meal are included.

In September 2016, Na'ah Illahee launched the Yahowt Permaculture Project. A cohort of 9 Native women from Lummi to Puyallup were selected to earn their Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University. Their design project is located on the lands at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.

Weaving natural materials is an important traditional art form that must be preserved and expanded as a vital part of cultural preservation. The Yahowt Weaving Circle is a group of Native women committed and motivated to both learn and increase their own skills, and to expand traditional art forms by passing this knowledge to the youth.

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