A Community Resource

Na'ah Illahee Fund was originally started to be a funder and resource to Native women and girls’ projects and organizations. But we quickly realized that many of the organizations we wanted to support were too small and too new to receive funding and needed other support before they reach a stage where they are ready to apply for grants. We have now expanded our programming areas to support the leadership of Native women and girls and strengthen their connections within Native communities and cultures.

Our Goals

Build leadership of women and the capacity of women-led projects and organizations [+]

Build the capacity of our youth to develop strong identities through Indigenous knowledge and stronger supports for their education [+]

Advance the preservation and revitalization of traditional Native knowledge through environmental justice programming that focuses on following the original teachings of Mother Earth [+]

How You Can Help

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Donations big and small help us further our vision of powerful Native female-centered activism and leadership.

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