Gen 7

Gen 7 is a Youth Development program that facilitates the passing of cultural knowledge and advances twenty-first century skills.

One of the most important strategies to advance sustainable Indigenous cultures is to provide critical tools of empowerment to Native youth. Years of experience working in Native communities tell us that a successful Native young person is one who carries a strong identity—steeped in tribal history, values and current culture, language—as well as critical Twenty-first century skills.

These skills consist primarily of leadership, social skills, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, healthy communication, collaboration or teamwork, and literacy in STEM, media, the environment, wellness and global issues.

Powered by STEAM!

Science: Indigenous & Western Science learning.

Technology: Computer coding, applications, websites, filmmaking/Media Arts.

Engineering: "Inspired by Nature" youth curriculum.

Arts & Culture: Cultural arts, traditional storytelling, cultural exchanges.

Math: Mathematics concepts through computer coding and art design.

From the Field

Native Girls Code

Engages middle and high school young women in bi-monthly and school break activities. Girls build twenty-first century skills and expand their networks for success through powerful program partners.

Visions from the 7th Generation

A short film about our Seattle-area Native youth by one of our teachers Dallas Pinkham. View it on Youtube!

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